Matching Your Medication to Your Genes

Our genetics play a large part in how our bodies react to medication. In fact, our genes can even impact medication dosages that work best, as well as predict what side effects or adverse reactions we could have. Through ViaQuest’s Pharmacogenetics program, we’re able to use genetics to take the guesswork out of medication management.

Personalized Medicine for Better Outcomes

Personalized medicine, also referred to as Pharmacogenetics, is the practice of using an individual’s genetic profile, along with physical and environmental characteristics, to more accurately prevent, diagnose or treat disease, illness, pain or behavior.

With a simple, noninvasive swab of the mouth, we are able to assess an individual’s metabolism and ability to process medications to determine the best therapeutic approach. The results allow a tailored treatment plan and increase the likelihood of effective outcomes.

Safer, More Accurate Prescriptions

Pharmacogenetics ensures that patients receive the most effective medication and dosage based on their genetic profile. ViaQuest’s personalized medicine program benefits patients and their loved ones by:

  • Improving quality of life, allowing patients to be more alert and engaged
  • Providing more opportunities for quality time with loved ones
  • Reducing drug interactions and possible side effects
  • Eliminating the guesswork in prescribing the best medications and dosages for patients
  • Reducing risk of falls, nausea and diminished quality of life due to medication complications
  • Reducing hospital readmissions

The ViaQuest Difference

Johnny, son of Martha and Allen, called ViaQuest for help. The facility in which his parents were living was in the process of removing Allen due to aggressive behaviors with both the employees and, at times, his own family. ViaQuest’s team immediately visited the family in the facility and knew the pharmacogenetics program would be able to help.

ViaQuest’s suspicion was that Allen wasn’t knowingly reacting with aggression, but instead, his aggression was a side effect of being on pain medications that were not right for him. With a simple swab test, ViaQuest was able to figure out what medications were causing the aggression. As soon as Allen’s medicines were changed, he changed. The employees said that the difference in his behavior was so significant, he was no longer facing expulsion. The family and facility were both elated.

Thanks to pharmacogenetics testing, ViaQuest was able to manage Allen’s behavior while ensuring that he and his wife of 63 years would be able to stay together at the facility.

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