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ViaQuest’s Executive Team has been together for many years, and we are unified in our quest to deliver the highest-quality services in the industry for those we serve. Our top priority is to set the direction for the company by living out our values and supporting our employees so the can provide a comprehensive approach to care.

Richard Johnson

President & CEO

Rich Johnson is the CEO and founder of ViaQuest. He spends most of his time setting the strategic vision for the organization and cultivating the f...

Emily Stickley

Chief Operating Officer

Emily Stickley is the Chief Operating Officer for ViaQuest. She is responsible for the day to day operations of the company and ensuring that all o...

Michael Bell

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Bell is the Chief Financial Officer at ViaQuest. He works closely with the financial team and business line executives analyzing performanc...

Sameer Bhargava

Chief Analytics and Strategy Officer

Sameer works closely with ViaQuest's senior leadership team to facilitate an alignment of the company's strategic roadmap by objectively laying out...

Drew Heminger

Director of Program Development

Drew Heminger is the Director of Program Development at ViaQuest. His team is responsible for the communication, presentation, and follow-through f...

Sehul Patel

Chief Information Officer

Sehul Patel is the CIO for ViaQuest. He is responsible for the company’s technology strategy/vision and works closely with senior leadership to ens...

Jill Ellis

Marketing Director

Jill Ellis is the Marketing Director for ViaQuest, Inc. She is responsible for planning, development and implementation of the company’s brand, mar...

Ann Nash

Vice President of ViaQuest Psychiatric & Behavioral Solutions

Ann Nash is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a Supervision designation. As the Vice President for Psychiatric and Behavioral Solutio...

Kayla Bell

Vice President of Business Operations & Development

Kayla is responsible for the growth and expansion of ViaQuest’s Psychiatric & Behavioral Solutions division. Kayla leads the development team t...

Holly Heinze MSN, RN

Vice President of Hospice

Holly Heinze is the Vice President of Hospice for ViaQuest.  She is responsible for leading the hospice division across all locations.  Holly has h...

Matt Brown

Vice President of Sales for Hospice

Matt Brown is the Vice President of Sales for ViaQuest Hospice.  Matt is responsible for growth and expansion of hospice services across Indiana an...

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