Executive Team

Sameer Bhargava

Chief Analytics and Strategy Officer

About Sameer Bhargava

Sameer works closely with ViaQuest’s senior leadership team to facilitate an alignment of the company’s strategic roadmap by objectively laying out key pathways and levers to success. He is also responsible for incorporating decision-making frameworks that aid in shaping key choices, and in identifying long-term and short-term initiatives that support that roadmap.

Sameer is also responsible for ensuring that these strategic initiatives progress forward despite all the pushes and pulls of the day-to-day running of a growing organization. Sameer is also entrusted with ensuring that ViaQuest’s data analytics capabilities are amongst the best in the industry. This starts with ensuring that the quality of our data is good and leads to empowering operational and functional leaders with lagging, leading, and predictive indicators of success and failure. A solid data and analytics foundation leads to many opportunities for automating manual tasks thereby improving the quality of services.

Sameer has 20+ years of senior-level leadership experience in strategic planning, M&A integration, software product development, analytics, automation, and scaling IT capabilities. Prior to ViaQuest, Sameer has worked in leadership capacities at leading healthcare organizations. He holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management in Lucknow, India.