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At ViaQuest, we offer compassionate care for deaf, hard of hearing, deaf low vision, deaf-blind and CODAs of all ages.

The History of Our Deaf Services

With the closing of St. Vincent Family Center’s (SVFC) Deaf Program in 2016, ViaQuest was approached by a former St. Vincent Family Center colleague and deaf advocate, asking us to expand our mental health services to specialize in serving deaf and hard of hearing youth and their families. Despite laws, mandates and standards, which are meant to protect linguistic and cultural minority groups, ViaQuest recognized that these youth and their families were not receiving adequate, culturally competent mental and behavioral health services.

Pharmacogenetic Services

People respond to medications differently. That’s why a particular medication may not work for you, but does work for someone else. One way to discover whether or not a medication will work is to try it. This trial and error process can lead to months of taking medications that don’t work or cause side effects. That’s when your DNA can speak up.

Your DNA knows how your body responds to medications so your clinician can steer clear of a medication that may cause side effects or be less effective. A simple swab of the mouth will assess an individual’s metabolism and ability to process medications. After you take the test your clinician receives a report that helps them choose the best medication.

The results allow for a tailored treatment plan and increase the likelihood of effective outcomes, including the following:

  • Improving quality of life, allowing you to be more alert and engaged
  • Providing more opportunities for quality time with loved ones during home visits
  • Reducing drug interactions and possible side effects
  • Eliminating the guesswork in prescribing the best medications and dosages
  • Reducing risk of falls, nausea and medication complications
  • Reducing hospital readmissions

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Our Deaf Services Team is currently partnered with:

  • Ohio School for the Deaf (OSD)
  • Deaf Services Center (DSC)
  • Columbus Colony Elderly Care
  • Columbus Colony Housing
  • Columbus City Schools

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