Marriage & Family Therapy

Services for the Entire Family

ViaQuest’s Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) Program works with families and couples to nurture change and to improve the quality of life for each member of the family, as well as the family as a whole.

Our Marriage & Family Expertise

Our MFT clinicians encourage family member support and participation to allow for healing and improvement for the family unit. Improving families can include building trust and communication skills as well as aiding families and individuals coping with mental illness. Our MFT clinicians can also assist families in navigating the unique challenges of childbirth, fostering, and/or the adoption process.

Our Approach to Therapy

Marriage and family therapy uses a systematic approach to help couples preparing for marriage or seeking growth or reparative work. ViaQuest’s MFT program is also appropriate for families with members who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. All of our MFT clinicians are trained on how to best support individuals and families of dually diagnosed individuals.

All services are billed through Medicaid and other insurances. Please contact our intake department for a complete list of accepted insurances at 855.289.1722, or reach out via our contact form.