Residential Services

Care to Help You Remain in Your Home

ViaQuest’s Residential Services empower individuals with specialized needs to live independently and safely in their communities.

Support That Hits Home

In many cases, the best way for individuals to maintain a high quality of life is to remain in the comfort of their community and home. ViaQuest’s Residential Services provide specialized, quality care for individuals while allowing them to maintain their surroundings and routines with as little disruption as possible. We strongly believe that individuals with disabilities can live in their communities safely and with as much independence as possible with the right support.

Our List of Residential Services

ViaQuest’s Circle of Care approach is individualized and team focused, as we believe the best outcomes are achieved by working with the individual, their family, caregivers, county board case managers and medical professionals to establish a comprehensive support system. We provide services in traditional supported living settings and ODODD licensed group homes. Services include:

  • Case Management for your healthcare
  • Help maintaining your medication routine
  • Support for your mental health
  • Services in traditional supported living settings and DODD licensed homes
  • ICF/IDD services
  • Shared Living – Ohio
  • Respite for caregivers
  • Support finding and keeping employment in your community
  • Assistance with access to important places in your community and social opportunities
  • Free payee services
  • Ongoing support managing your money
  • Support in your home so you can live more independently
  • Family support
  • Family Advisory Council

Shared Living/Family Options

Shared Living – Ohio is when an adult with an I/0 waiver lives with their caregiver. This residential service option allows the individual to remain in the family home since the caregiver can be a related family member or there is also the choice of them living in a non-related caregiver’s home while still maintaining a relationship with their family. The caregiver receives a daily stipend for providing Shared Living services.

Family Advocacy

ViaQuest values the individuals we serve and their families. We are vigilant about building a strong partnership grounded in quality services, good communication and trust. We look at the trends and patterns from the valuable input that our families provide, which has allowed us to develop a platform to improve the day-to-day operations and communication across all of our services.

To help foster communication and improve services, we have contracted with Peggy Martin to build our family advocacy program. Peggy has over 30 years of experiences as a family advocate at the county and state level. Her goal is to develop communications and create regional family advisory councils, allowing families to provide input and keep ViaQuest informed on how our programs and team members are doing.

Peggy’s own advocacy and input allow our operations to deliver quality assurance and reviews when necessary. Peggy is also a valuable resource to families, assisting them with a full range of support services for the benefit of their loved ones.

Email Peggy Martin at if you have an interest in being added to the family listserv. This listserv provides information that is important to individuals and their families, as well as the dates and times of the regional family advisory council meetings.

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