Reduce Hospital Stays

ViaQuest Can Help Keep You Out of the Hospital

We give you the care you want at home and help you avoid the hospital. Going to the hospital is often stressful for patients and families alike. More unnecessary tests and more time away from home surrounded by tubes and monitors isn’t really what families want.

Patients under ViaQuest’s care go back to the hospital much less often than the national average.

We know you feel more secure and comfortable at home. And patients do better when they are not revolving in and out of the hospital. ViaQuest’s hospital readmission prevention program has a proven track record of helping patients stay home instead of going back to the hospital.

Avoid Hospital Readmission

We’re dedicated to helping you avoid unnecessary hospital stays and have an established system in place to do just that:

  • ViaQuest works closely with you and your family to identify your care preferences, manage your symptoms and determine what medical care and support you need. Our care is delivered by a dedicated team of caregivers who focus on you. You get the support and care you need.
  • Our care allows patients to pick up the phone in a time of crisis and receive emergency medications at home without returning to the hospital.
  • Family members can relax knowing that around-the-clock access to nurses is only one phone call away.
  • We help you understand your medication, how to properly take it, why it is needed and what side effects to look for. This ensures your medications are working how they are supposed to work to keep you well.
  • When medically necessary, acute symptom management is provided in the patient’s home by our hospice staff (up to 24 hours/day) to help the patient avoid hospitalization.
  • We speak with your physicians often, letting them know how you are doing and work with them to provide you with the exact care you need.
  • We help you better understand your condition, teach you how to better manage your diseases and educate you on what to expect.

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