This Year, Give the Gift of ViaQuest

It’s never easy to come to terms with having a parent or loved one with an advanced illness, especially during the holiday season. It may be hard to feel festive and merry when a loved one is approaching end-of-life. You and your loved one’s doctor may have even discussed hospice care, but maybe you’re consciously postponing that hard conversation until after the holidays. We just want to let Mom enjoy the holidays without the weight of thinking about hospice on her mind…We don’t want to make things awkward when the family visits.

 As a caregiver and decision maker, it’s important to know when the right time for hospice is. And even though it may not seem like it, before and during the holidays can be a good time. Putting your loved one in hospice during the holidays can provide an additional layer of comfort, care, and support for both the patient and family. It allows some of the weight to be lifted off the family caregivers so you can cherish the holiday season with your loved one.

ViaQuest Hospice provides an extra layer of support that enables family members to resume their role of wife, mother, daughter, husband or son by our ability to ‘share the care’, even during the holiday season. Our team will work with your loved one’s physician to create a personalized and comprehensive care plan that focuses on pain, symptom management and patient comfort, allowing them to fully enjoy the holiday season. ViaQuest Hospice also offers a specialized team of physicians, nurses, and volunteers that are available 24/7 to take the burden off of family caregivers.

The holidays are a time for family, togetherness, and hope, and ViaQuest Hospice can provide all the resources necessary to make your loved one feel hopeful, comfortable, and surrounded by the people they love. It is important to realize that hospice is focused on improving quality of life and allowing time to be spent more joyfully with those you love. So, instead of avoiding the hospice conversation, consider giving the gift of ViaQuest this holiday season.

After all, there’s no place like home for the holidays.

For more information on ViaQuest Hospice, call our compassionate team at 855-289-1722.